FREE Delivery (Monday-Friday: Min order $80),(Saturday: Min order $100)


FREE Delivery (Monday-Friday: Min order $80),(Saturday: Min order $100)

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About Us


Can you “SEA”me?

We are more than a company; we are gifts from the sea.

Seagift Food Pte Ltd started operations in Year 2000 by building on the extensive experience of our founder in the frozen seafood business.

Here at Seagift, food safety is our utmost priority and we are conscientiously in ensuring that internationally recognized food safety standard are maintained. Both Seagift and our oversea associate, Seagift Vietnam, are HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified.

It is a strong belief that quality seafood should be made affordable and accessible to everyone. By leveraging on lower labour and land costs, as well as efficient production at our overseas associate company, we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of frozen raw and ready-to-cook seafood products at competitive prices all-year round. Through employing advanced freezing technology of our products very soon after harvest, we seek to preserve the natural flavor, freshness and nutritional value of our products, and deliver these benefits to our customers.  

A royal gift to you from nature, Seagift always strives to supply high quality frozen products while continually look for advancement and develop innovative high-quality frozen ‘ready-to-cook’ products, so as to provide our customers with the pristine best –because We Care.

Todays, Seagift is the trusted distributor for many clients comprising householdshawkers, caterers, fast food establishments, restaurants, mini-marts, supermarkets and hotels.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with our founder's belief, Seagift believes in giving back to the society and is active in helping students through scholarships and provide internships opportunities.

In September 2016, a NUS-Seagift Merit Scholarship was set up for NUS's Food Science and Technology students.

In August 2018, Seagift Scholarship programme was set up for Singapore Institute of Technology undergraduates pursuing degrees in the fields of Food Technology, Engineering, Accountancy and Chemical Engineering.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


We aim to provide delicious and fresh foods prodcuts at a fair price for our customers, who strive to lead a healthy lifestyle amidst their hectic lives


  • To deliver convenient, healthy and tasty food at a reasonable price to our customers, through vertical integration of our supply chain and use of modern freezing technology
  • To innovate new products and take our customers to even higher levels of culinary enjoyment, throught investing in research and development
  • To better serve our customers by developing our team members to their fullest potential through continual learning and offer of career development opportunities